What are Engine Diagnostics and Why are They Important

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What are Engine Diagnostics and why is it important.

As I have said in past blogs, your car is like driving a giant Computer. There are hundreds of feet of wire that is inside the wire harnesses. The wiring system is color coded. It is designed to carry important information data to various Computer Electrical components. This is how the Onboard Computer Module Communicates with the vehicle.

What is Engine Diagnostics Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

Let one wire or one electrical controller fail, and your Engine may stop running. We have seen thousands of Electrical Issues over the years. We have had to fix rodent damage to Wires. We have seen defective Electrical Sensors damaged from prior Repairs. And we have seen failures do too old age, water damage, collisions, and poor design.

Why is Engine Diagnostic Expensive Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

The actual Diagnostic Procedure is a multi-layered system of steps. The first step is recreating the issue. This is done by test driving the vehicle or by running the engine inside the Auto Repair Shop. Computer Electrical issues that only act up once or twice a week can be very difficult to pin down. Even problems acting up once or twice a day can be a challenge.

Once we verify the problem then the Test Equipment is utilized. Computer Scanners, Digital Volt Meters, Specialty Tools and Chemical Dyes are a few things that will aid the Technician in solving the problem. The challenge is to get the vehicle to act up while the Testing Tools are being used. Next the technician will isolate the malfunctioning system. He or she will then manipulate the system to note any changes that may occur.

Slowly and surely, the Technician will become familiar with the problem. Now the vehicle is Diagnosed, and the customer is informed. If the owner ok’s the recommended Repair, then the Technician will correct the problem. A retest is then done to verify that the Repair is fixed.