Why Is My Engine Leaking Oil

Why Is My Engine Leaking Oil

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Why is My Car Leaking Oil?

A question asked a lot is “Why Is My Car Leaking Oil”. As a car owner, there is nothing more frustrating than seeing a large puddle of oil under your car. It doesn’t take long to mess up your driveway when your Engine is Leaking Oil.

Why Is My Car Leaking Oil Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

Engine Oil Leaks Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

While it can be very tempting to ignore this issue, doing so could lead to major problems in the future. We tend to see Oil Leaks more on older vehicles with high mileage. The leaking will occur when Engine Gaskets or Seals become hardened and allow oil to leak out. The rubber gaskets and seals harden and crack over time.  Hot Temperatures, age, and extreme pressure can cause this to occur.

The best approach is to have an Auto Repair Shop check this. They can raise your vehicle up on a lift and perform a full Engine Leak Diagnostic. The Mechanic will inspect the engine for leaks. This can include washing the engine and adding a fluorescent Dye to the oil. This helps the Mechanic pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

A big thing to consider is whether the leak is major or minor. A minor oil leak may not have to be fixed right away but watched over time. A major oil leak needs correcting, so the engine does not run low on oil. The Auto Repair Shop can help with whether the leak warrants repairing or not.

If you are noticing puddles under your car, contact an Auto Repair Shop Near You. Let them perform an Engine Leak Test to access if this is a major or minor leaking problem.

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