Why is it Important to Maintain Your Transmission

Why is it Important to Maintain Your Transmission

It is very important to maintain the Fluid in your Transmission.  We all want our transmissions to work well and last a long time.  It is as important as changing the oil in your engine. Here are some key reasons why Transmission Fluid Maintenance is so important:

  1. Proper lubrication reduces friction.  It also reduces wear and heat among moving parts.
  2. Cooling the Unit – Fluid circulates through the transmission. Moving parts create heat due to friction and it helps keep the Transmission cool. Overheating can cause premature wear on all the working components.  A cool running Transmission is important for longevity.
  3. Contamination Prevention – Over time, fluid becomes dirty. The fluid becomes contaminated with metal shavings, carbon, and debris from wear and tear. Regular fluid changes remove contamination.
  4. Neglect Causes Failures – Neglecting fluid changes can lead to faster wear. It causes sludge, build-up, and eventually failure.

We recommend Keeping your vehicle on a regular schedule of fluid exchanges for all your fluid systems.  This includes the Engine, Transmission, Power Steering, the Differentials, the Transfer Case, Brakes, Fuel System, and the Cooling System.

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