Why Does My Tire Have a Bump

Why Does My Tire Have a Bump

Have you ever walked around your Car and while kicking the tires, notice one of your tires has one or several bumps?  Why Does My Tire Have a Bump?  There are two types of Bumps that occur on a tire.  The first bump is the Sidewall Splice.  This is normal in the construction of the tire.  The internal workings of the tire are constructed to overlap and be spliced down.  This appears as a small indentation in the sidewall.  The Sidewall Splice is normal.

The second bump is damage that occurs to the sidewall of the Tire called a Pinch Break or Impact Break. 

This type of Tire Damage is a critical safety issue.  This occurs when the Tire and Rim assembly impacts with a pothole or debris on the road.  If the impact is hard enough, the tire will flatten out and the rim will pinch down on the sidewall of the tire. This will cause internal damage to the fabric.  The internal fabric of the tire will become torn.  The inner and outer layer of rubber stretches but the damaged fabric inside will cause the bump.  At this point, the only thing keeping the tire from blowing out is the thin layer of rubber.  This situation is a Ticking Time Bomb.

It is always a good idea to walk around your car before travelling.  Walk around and kick the tires.  Look to see if there are any Bumps on the Tires.  If you do happen to see a bump, get to a Tire Shop Near You and have your tire inspected by a knowledgeable Mechanic.

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