Why are my Brakes Squeaking

Why are my Brakes Squeaking

Are your brakes making a high-pitched squeaking noise when you stop your vehicle?  Is this a serious issue?  In most cases, it is not.  Let me explain.

Brake noises have three types of sounds.  The first is a low-pitched groaning or grinding noise.  This noise will also be felt at the brake pedal when stopping.  This usually occurs because one or more of the Brake components is worn down and metal is grinding on metal.  This is bad.  We never want to be driving our Vehicle when the Brake System is grinding metal on metal.

The second type of sound is from a Brake Pad Noise Indicator. When the brake pads are close to being worn out, the sensor will touch the Disc Brake rotor and make a load noise. This noise is much like the sound of a bird chirping. This means that your brakes are close to being worn out.

The most common brake noise we see is a high-pitched squeal.  This squealing noise will be heard when braking your vehicle. It will not be felt at the brake pedal. The squeal is usually at such a high decibel that the noise is almost ear piercing.  This noise is due to the contact of the friction material and is not a concern.  Friction Material squeaks will come and go as the temperatures at the brakes change.

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