What is a Motor Mount. What do They do and When do They Need Replacing

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By Alicia Lewis. Service Advisor for Cobb Tire and Auto Repair.

What are Motor Mounts? What do they do and Why are they Important?

Motor Mounts, also known as Engine Mounts, are structural components that connect the engine to the vehicle frame. They help to stabilize the engine and absorb shocks and vibrations, allowing for a smoother ride and preventing damage to the engine and other components.

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The Engine is a major source of vibrations in a Vehicle. As the engine runs, the Pistons, Crankshaft, and other moving parts create vibrations that are transmitted through the Engine Block and onto the Vehicle Frame. Motor Mounts help to dampen these vibrations, preventing them from being felt by the driver and passengers.

Motor Mounts also help to keep the Engine in place. The engine is a heavy object, and it would be very dangerous if it were to move around while driving. Motor Mounts help to prevent this by providing a secure mounting point for the engine.

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There are three main types of motor mounts: rubber mounts, hydraulic mounts, and solid mounts. Rubber mounts are the most common type and are made of a rubber compound that is designed to absorb vibrations. Hydraulic mounts use a liquid-filled bladder to dampen vibrations. Solid mounts are made of metal and do not absorb vibrations as well as rubber or hydraulic mounts. However, they are more resistant to damage and can provide a more precise feel for the driver.

Motor Mounts should be inspected regularly for signs of wear and tear by a trusted Mechanical Repair Shop.  Common signs of a bad motor mount include:

What is a Motor Mount Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

Excessive engine vibration

Noise from the engine compartment

Engine movement during acceleration or deceleration

Engine oil leaks

If you notice any of these signs, it is important to have the motor mounts checked by a qualified Auto Repair Shop. Worn Motor Mounts can lead to serious problems, such as engine damage or Transmission Failure. Have your trusted Mechanic visually inspect the mounts for cracks, tears, or other damage. If the engine moves more than a few millimeters, the mounts are probably worn out.  Your Mechanic may use a vibration analyzer to test the mounts.

If your Motor Mounts are worn out, they should be replaced as soon as possible. This will help to prevent damage to your engine and other components and ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.