Tales And Travails Of The Road

Tales And Travails Of The Road

Cobb Tire and Auto Repair in Greenville SC 29615

By Alicia Lewis. Service Advisor for Cobb Tire and Auto Repair

We’ve all been there, driving down the road and your Check Engine Light comes on and you think, “Oh no! I’m in trouble”.  Well, I can beat that.  I was driving down the road and my Check Engine light came on, then it started flashing AND shaking AND wouldn’t accelerate!  Now, obviously I work at an Auto Repair Shop, however… I still freaked out inside. Even knowing what I know as an Auto Repair Service Advisor, it’s still an upsetting proposition.  The outcome, which I knew, was that my car was Misfiring.  The remedy for me; New Spark Plugs, Direct Ignition Coil, and a Fuel Injection Service.  Not a traumatic event.  The moral of this story is, even a Flashing Check Engine Light is not a reason to fear.  Cars have many components, if you have a trusted Mechanic, they will sort it out for you. Most importantly, it’s not always a HUGE deal even when it feels that way!

Recently, I was driving to work and received a frantic call from one of my best friends.  She says, “Oh my God, my little orange horseshoe light is flashing!!”  “What do I do?!!”

Check Engine Light Diagnosis Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

“Firstly”, I say, “Take a deep breath.  That is your Tire Pressure Sensor Light.  All that means is that one of your Tire Sensor Batteries is dead. ” Is that bad?!” she queried. “Only for that poor tire sensor, may it rest in peace. You will now have to put it to rest and have a new sensor installed. But, if you check your tire pressure regularly you have no worries until you can.”, I replied.  “I’m so glad you’re my friend!  Thank you, I feel so much better!!” So, take note, if your little orange horseshoe starts blinking… one or more of your Tire Pressure Sensor Batteries has failed.

About a month ago, one of my wonderful customers came into our Repair Shop breathless. I enquired as to whatever was the matter. He said that he was coming to a stoplight and his car started “hiccupping” and felt like it was going to stall but it didn’t. He then told me shortly after that his Check Engine Light came on.  So, I asked him, “Does it happen only when you are driving, or at all times?” “At all times”, he said.  “Is it bad, should I have it Towed in?  “No, it sounds like something to do with your car’s Fuel Evaporation System.  It will be fine until your appointment. That being said, if anything changes or if your Check Engine light starts flashing, bring it inimmediately.”  It ended up being a problem with its Fuel Evaporation Leak Down System.  A faulty Purge Valve and nothing more.

Fuel Evaporation System Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

We all have stories, and I hope that these will ease your mind and let you know that not all your vehicle lights are Code Blue, mostly just a Caution!

TPMS Tire Sensor Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

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