Selecting Tires: GOOD – BETTER – BEST

Selecting Tires: GOOD – BETTER – BEST

There are a lot of Tire Brands to choose from when purchasing a set of tires.  We prefer to quote Tires on 3 levels.  Our 3 Tire levels are Good, Better, and Best.  There are 3 things that differentiate the levels.

  1. Mileage Rating: A better quality tire will have a higher mileage rating and will last a lot longer.  This is where you will get more, “Bang or your Buck”.  The Mileage rating is stamped on the tire and can easily be explained by the Tire Shop that is providing you with a tire quote.
  2. Trusted Brand: A trusted Tire Brand that has stood the test of time, is a good way of knowing the tire will perform well and last a long time.  If a Tire Shop has had great performance from a Tire Brand, they will recommend the tire as a Better or Best
  3. Balancing the tires:  By far, the best method that I use in deciding if a tire ranks as Good, Better or Best, is how well the tire balances on a Balance Machine.  A tire that consistently spins perfectly round and requires a very small Wheel Weight, means everything to me.  This is a tire that will roll smoothly, feel great at highway speeds, and last a long time.  Of all the tires that we have installed over the last 40 years, Michelin performs the best on the balancer.

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