Everything Is So Different Today

Everything Is So Different Today

Cobb Tire and Auto Repair in Greenville SC 29615

By Alicia Lewis. Service Advisor at Cobb Tire and Auto Repair

Wow…Things are Really Different Today!

In today’s fast paced world, we’ve gotten used to much of our lives moving at breakneck speed. Pre-order groceries for curbside pickup, 3-minute Uber arrival, Amazon and more.  It’s easy to think everything moves that fast.  However, it doesn’t.

Auto Parts are increasingly difficult to source and obtain.  With a historical manufacturing strike, COVID, and International “issues”, supplies are more sparse than ever before.

I’ve seen an increasing amount of tension in the Auto Repair industry. Not only is there a lack of free-flowing part access, but the scarcity of trained and certified Mechanics is also a reality.  The Customer Car Count is higher by the day, as more people are repairing their vehicles. due to the lack of vehicle stock and cost.  With help and supplies dwindling, most Shops are noticing fuller parking lots and a decline in same day service.

When you bring your car into your trusted Auto Repair Shop, keep in mind these facts.  Schedule when you have availability.  An appointment is a place keeper not a promise.  More than likely there are several cars ahead of you, and a Mechanic working at the mercy of parts having to be located and delivered.  Also, try and keep in mind that unlike Google your Auto Mechanic doesn’t come with editing software.  It takes time for him to physically diagnose and repair your vehicle.

Rich Cobb Cobb Tire and Auto Repair Greenville SC 29615

So, keep it in mind and be kind to your Auto Repair Shop, Service Advisors, and Mechanics.

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