Cobb Tire & Auto Repair

Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 has impacted the entire world, and the implications from this invisible monster, including the economic impact will be felt in our community and the world for quite some time. In our country alone this silent monster has affected millions of lives and created fear and uncertainty in the minds of Americans.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our business has been open and serving our clients with the same enthusiasm and compassion that we have always had. Being deemed an “essential” business, means that we are open normal business hours (Monday thru Friday). We have also kept our entire staff allowing us to be available to cater to your needs, while providing normal vehicle servicing. It is our pleasure, during these trying times, to do all of this safely and responsibly.

The Cobb Tire family also understands that our concerns expand far beyond just our group of clients. With the high infection rate of Covid-19, we have taken our normal processes and restructured them to ensure the safety of our clients, our vendors, and our staff. Some of our updated procedures include:

  • Sanitizing vehicles. This includes the use of alcohol-based cleaning products to wipe down your vehicle.
  • The use of steering wheel covers and floor mats.
  • The use of strong UVA spotlights. We run the lights throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle to ensure that the virus is killed instantly.
  • Sanitizing the show room and beverage area with strong UVA spotlights.
  • Sanitizing the Service Advisor work desks with strong UVA spotlights.
  • The use of medical gloves by our technicians.
  • Sanitizing the vehicle keys with Strong UVA lights after being handled by our staff.
  • Keeping a very tightly organized and clean service department and show room.
  • Sanitized loaner cars are available for use while yours is being serviced.
  • Free pick up and delivery is also available.
  • Vendor parts are washed with UVA before being installed. Vendors are instructed to place all parts on a designated table where they are automatically washed with UVA lighting.

“Responsibility” is the hallmark and strength of our business. We are all onboard and understand the gravity of our current situation. We treat our community like our neighbors and we truly understand that what we do here impacts everyone. Although we are not in the direct line of fire, we stand ready to help and will remain open for business upholding our responsibility of keeping your vehicles safe and reliable.

Very soon we will be pushing out of this haze and getting back to a new normal. Our family wishes everyone the best during a very difficult time. Take care everyone.

Richard E Cobb     Darrell W. Cobb      Shirley A Cobb